7 Best Places to Visit on Campus

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Hi there! I’m Adrian, your VP Community & Engagement.

I’ve compiled a list of the best places on campus. From study spaces to social spaces, this list has it all, but there are still so many more places to visit on our campus!

I’ve rated the places based on their atmosphere, workability and how instagrammable they are (because everyone loves a photo, right?)

So, here we go, my 7 best places to visit on campus...

The Lakes

Atmosphere: 4/5

The lakes have a really good atmosphere, especially from April to November. When the weather’s nice, you’ll always find someone enjoying a beverage or two. Even in the rain the lakes offer something unique on campus.

Workability: 2/5

If you like reading outside, then the lakes are for you; however, the lakes tend to be more social than studious.

 Instagrammable: 5/5

Definitely the most instagrammable location on campus! Share a picture of your coffee? Go to the lakes. It’s Friday and you’re feeling fly? Go to the lakes. Want a group picture with your new flatmates? Go to the lakes!


SU Bar

Atmosphere: 5/5

Very different depending on when you visit, but always good.

Workability: 3/5

Good place to study during the day, slightly more difficult in the evening.

 Instagrammable: 3/5

Good vibe, so you can take some fun pictures.


Wivenhoe House Hotel

Atmosphere: 4/5

Calm atmosphere and offers something different. Not a typical student venue.

Workability: 1/5

I’ve personally never gone here to do work, but I can imagine it being a nice place to read a book.

 Instagrammable: 5/5

Some really impressive backgrounds and huge gardens. Plus great food for some foodie shots!


Square 3

Atmosphere: 5/5

Always a nice place to go either for a coffee or a pint.

Workability: 1/5

Not a great place to study. This is where to go for a break from your studies.

 Instagrammable: 4/5

Lots going on, perfect if you want to take some fun pictures.


Silberrad Student Centre

Atmosphere: 3/5

Good vibe, always someone doing work, but you can easily sit downstairs and chill and enjoy the view of the lake.

Workability: 4/5

Perfect for any group projects.

 Instagrammable: 4/5

Nice open area with the lakes in the background. Perfect when you want to prove to people on Instagram that you actually study.


Bytes (STEM Centre)

Atmosphere: 2/5

You can count on this being a chilled place to be.

Workability: 4/5

Perfect place to study when you want to change things up a bit.

 Instagrammable: 3/5

Great for modern vibes and has good food and snacks!


Essex Business School (EBS)

Atmosphere: 2/5

Mainly study spaces, so calm atmosphere.

Workability: 4/5

Perfect for studying. Very modern and fresh.

 Instagrammable: 4/5

Amazing backgrounds here, also a good place to show people that you study. 


These are some of my favourite places to visit on campus, and the ratings are based on my own experience (some people might disagree with them). I hope you found this helpful, and that you can enjoy some of these places yourself - who knows, maybe you’ll find your own special spots around campus.

Best wishes,

Adrian Tejan-Jalloh, VP Commuinty & Engagement.

11 points - Lakes, SU Bar, Silberrad

10 points - Wivenhoe, Square 3, EBS

9 points - Bytes



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