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Make the most of the weather

As you might be able to tell by now, Britain is cold and gloomy most of the time. However, every now and then some kind of divine intervention sends good weather this way, leading to the ‘sun’s out, guns out’ phenomena that quickly spread all over the country. This basically means that at the very first glimpse of sun you will see British people EVERYWHERE, undressing and sitting out in the sun. The weather is also a really great conversation starter.


Make buses magically stop

This might be different than other countries, but in Britain, all you have to do is raise your hand if you want a bus to stop (magic!). When entering, either have a small change to pay for your ticket fare or have a contactless credit card ready. Trust us, you don’t want to annoy the driver by trying to pay £1 tickets and all you have is a tenner (informal way of saying £10 note). But remember to press the button (usually on the support poles spread throughout the bus) just before you want to get off, as otherwise, the bus might not pull in at your stop.


Most shops in Britain close by 5/6pm, and on a Sunday most places don’t open until 10am and close by 4pm. These hours are often a lot later in cities like London, but in most towns, these are the hours a lot of shops will follow.  A good tip is to check the shops opening times on google before going there.

Use an ATM

In Britain, you don’t always have to pay to use an ATM. Most of them are free. If you are unsure of whether the ATM is a free one, stick to the ones outside a bank, or branded by a bank chain.


Unlike some international countries, there are no restrictions to which direction a car can park when parking on the roadside. It can face against the traffic, or it can face the direction of the traffic. This is up to the driver.


The British queue for everything. To get into a shop, to buy something, while waiting for a bus, they even queue when waiting to use the bathroom.



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