How to Balance Friendships At University

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A lot of students struggle balancing friendships at University. Whether you wanted to start a new chapter in your life, or are looking to expand your friendship group, here are a few ways to effectively manage your friendships at University (Yes, managing friendships is becoming a thing!)

Don't Blur The Lines Between Study And Leisure

If getting a degree was winning a war, you wouldn’t depend on the same set of people to win every battle. When you are at Uni, it’s very easy to assume that there will only be one friendship group to work, study and live with. This works for some, but very often it does not work for others. If it’s not for you, don’t be afraid to divide and conquer. Have different sets of friends to study and socialise with so that your time at Uni is very experienced.

It Is 100% OK To Walk Away From Toxic Friends

If you are feeling uncomfortable with people that you meet in the 1st month of Uni or a person that you’ve known since those A-Levels days, its OK to walk away. You should not feel anxious, nervous or bad about yourself when you are around your support network. Friends should be with you through your ups and downs. Always remember that.

Comparing Yourself To Other People Is A Waste Of Time

Would you say that a law degree and a PhD in Philosophy are the same thing? I’m going to assume probably not. Similarly, don’t be disheartened if your friend got a better grade or your friend’s friend on LinkedIn bagged that internship that was really hard to get. Great things are coming your way. Work at your own pace. Through the challenging times, stand strong still because the miracle you are waiting for will happen.

Prioritize 'Me Time'

This is probably the cringiest thing you’ll hear at the end of this. However uncomfortable you are, I’m going to make you face it! Self-care is super important at University. If you need some time to process things properly, don’t be afraid to say it to those around you. Take a long walk by yourself, enjoy a nice brunch by yourself, go to the movies by yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the only relationship that truly matters.


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