Making a splash with Big Plan Transport

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This year one of our Big Plan projects is focusing on the transport problems on campus. And as part of this, we are planning on lobbying First Bus to provide more reliable bus services.

So far the team have met with the University’s Transport Manager, and met with Colchester Citizens UK leaders to gain wider community support for our buses campaign.

But in order to fully understand the problem, student feedback is essential, so for the second of our big plan splash events, team transport went outside to find out what our members had to say.

Yesterday big plan transport set up two lanes near the bus stops to grab feedback from students on whether their bus was on time or not.

SU Staff in front of a metal house shaped arch with two lanes

If your bus was on time, you walked under the left arch.

If your bus was late, you walked under the right arch.

The team had a great response with a lot of students choosing the lane that represented their experience. It created a lot of conversation, and the team had a lot of conversations with members.

students walking to and under the archway

The team will use the gathered data and take this back to First Bus, providing them with a report on the status of the busses and whether they are turning up on time, and on the unreliability of their live app for giving regularly updated bus times.

The next step for the Big Plan transport team is to have a further listening event with the student population on campus, building an alliance to take student feedback back to First Bus to inspire improvements to their services.

You can follow all of the updates for the Big Blan transport team, and the other big plan projects for this academic year here and you can get involved in the transport team, and have your say on facebook by joining the transport group here.


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