The Summer Ball 2020 has not been saved

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We announced in December last year that we needed to sell 3,500 by the end of January 2020 in order for the ball to go ahead, and sadly, only 200 students bought tickets ahead of the deadline of 12 pm today.

We had so many conversations which students over the past couple of months who fed back why they wouldn’t be buying a ticket and we get it, £60 is a lot, but sadly, that’s what it costs to run the ball if 3,500 people attend. 

For a reminder of why we had to take this approach to try and save the Summer Ball read this  

So that’s it. There will be no Summer Ball 2020.

We will, of course, look at how else we can celebrate the end of an amazing year with you all, but it’s just won’t be on the grand scale of a Summer Ball.

We are genuinely gutted to see the end of such an iconic event and want to say a massive thank you to everyone who bought tickets, to those who have worked on it over the years and to everyone who showed their love and support for the ball.



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Callum Bartlett
12:23pm on 31 Jan 20 :(
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