Thinking of changing courses? Do these things first!

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Thinking of changing courses

Binge watched The Last Dance and decided you want to become a Sport Psychologist? Studying Philosophy and realised its not for you? Had a random dream about becoming a marine biologist?

Whatever your reason for wanting to change your course at Essex below is a handy guide on how to do it and things to consider along the way.

Do these things first:

1. Sleep on it

Just for one night. There is no rush to make any quick decisions

2. Chat to someone (or 2 ideally)

We would suggest a student rep on your course or a staff member from the department. Talk through what it is about your current course that you aren’t enjoying

3. Research your alternatives*

Look at what else is out there. Check the course pages on the unviersity website

*Be aware if you are an international student changing from a classroom-based degree to a laboratory-based degree, this can be more expensive. The university have a helpful page on considertions to make.

Make that change

Ok so we know we have just told you there is no rush but there is a deadline for when you can apply to change course.

If you decide that changing course is the best move you will have until 18th October by when you will have needed to complete this online course change form.

Play the waiting game

You should hear from the progress team quite quickly, who will inform you if your request for changing courses has been approved.

If you don’t hear from them you can contact Student Services or let your SU Education Team know by e mailing and we will chase for you.

We’ve got your back!


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