National Union of Students


2016/17 nus affiliation fee Negotiation timeline

As requested by the Essex Leaves NUS campaign, the Students' Union has made a summary of decisions between us and the NUS available in relation to our negotiation regarding the 2016/17 affiliation fee.


    May 2016

    The SU receives link to view the affiliation fee on NUS' system. Due to fault with the NUS online system we could not access figures. NUS IT department informed of issue but it is not resolved. 


    Late october 2016

    The SU receives NUS Affiliation letter showing the cost of membership to the NUS.


    31st october 2016

    The SU contacts the NUS to explain that the Union had not been informed that we were receiving 'transtition relief' and the increase in membership contribution was too much of an increase for one year.

    Transition relief is applied to the cost of affiliation fee by the NUS when a University either grows its student number quickly or the SU increases its block grant (both measures for the calculation of the membership fee). The aim of the relief is so Unions are not penalised for their successes, and the membership fee should climb at a more steady rate. The issue for Essex SU is that we weren't informed of the relief being applied, so did not budget for the significant increase that has come into place this year.


    7th november 2016

    The SU receives a response from the NUS CEO explaining that he was looking into our case.


    8th november 2016

    NUS asked the SU for our accounts for the previous year.


    11th november 2016

    Essex SU meets with the NUS CEO at a NUS event and explained the situation regarding the transition relief position.


    3rd february 2017

    SU received the decision of the NUS Audit and Risk Committee stating that the full membership contribution fee would apply for 2016/17.


    27th february 2017

    The SU responds to the NUS Audit and Risk Committee decision quoting the NUS CEO's statement that we had not received information about the transition relief and that the Essex Students' Union Trustee Board has agreed to only pay the £44,000 that the Union had budgeted and not the requested amount of £50,808.10.


    7th march 2017

    NUS inform the SU that they would take the Trustee Board decision to their Audit and Risk Committee. NUS threatened debt collection for any outstanding amount not paid. 


    17 march 2017

    Essex SU writes to the NUS requesting transitional relief for 16/16 and paid the £44,000 membership contribution.


    17th march 2017

    The NUS informs the SU that they would take our request of transition relieft to the next Audit and Risk Committee meeting.

    No further correspondence has been received from the NUS since.