1. Physical campaigning can begin on Monday, March 24th at midnight.
  2. Campaigning on social media can begin on Monday, March 17th at midnight.
  3. Campaigners may only alter, move or remove their own campaign materials.
  4. Campaigners must get their colour/black and white printing done through the Students’ Union reception. Printing will be done on a first come first serve basis. Abuse off SU staff may result in a complaint against a candidate.
  5. All colour/black and white printing material must be approved by the Students’ Union before printing takes place.
  6. All campaigning and material used must be fair and suitable. Campaigners will be asked to remove any campaign material that is not deemed to be fair, suitable and in the spirit of the referendum.
  7. Campaigners are not allowed to send messages to email address, University mailing lists, and SU recognised Sports Club and Society mailing lists. The only exception to this rule is when a student emails a candidate asking questions to campaigners relating to the remain and leave cases.
  8. Campaigners are only allowed to post on social media if it is accessible for all candidates to do so.
  9. Campaigners shall not use Students’ Union meetings, sports clubs and societies meetings/events/activities, as a forum for campaigning.
  10. Candidates must seek permission from the University Estates Department to place banners up on campus on unnamed locations. Please contact
  11. Campaigners must wear badges to identify them and who they are campaigning for. You'll be able to collect these from the Students' Union reception.
  12. External campaigners are not allowed to campaign in this referendum.
  13. Campaigners must not prevent free and easy access to University buildings.
  14. Campaigners must not communicate with voters in any way once they have started to register their vote or enter a voting booth.
  15. Campaigners are not allowed to campaign in the Library, the Silberrad Centre or in any Computer lab.
  16. Campaigners are not allowed to enter flats and other private areas of student accommodation to campaign. Campaigners are allowed to campaign in the vicinity of accommodation.
  17. Bribes must not be offered as part of any campaign.
  18. Candidates will be disqualified if they are found to have broken any of the Leadership Race rules.


  1. The budget for the remain and leave side is £50.
  2. Campaigners do not have to budget for items that are freely and readily available. A list of these items will be provided.
  3. Items that campaigners already own can be valued using a minimum price list available. A list of these items will be provided.
  4. Campaigners must submit a written list of all their campaign costs with receipts to the Students’ Union reception by 4pm on Friday, April 28th. If candidates do not spend any money during the course of their campaign they must make this clear.
  5. Campaigners must not exceed their budget limits.
  6. Campaigners will be reimbursed by the Students’ Union for their campaign materials providing receipts have been handed into reception. Candidates must claim their reimbursement by 4pm on Friday, May 5th.
  7. All campaigners must adhere to the rules of behaviour on any Students’ Union of University of Essex premises.


  1. All complaints should be directed to the Elections Manager by email ( or by the complaints form held at the SU reception in Colchester, Loughton Office and Southend Office. When a complaint is submitted please include your name, the name of the candidate and/or slate the complaint is against, reasons for complaint and any evidence to support the complaint.
  2. Any student or campaigner that is judged to be making an unsubstantiated complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the Union’s disciplinary procedures.