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Radical Inclusivity

You will not need to sign a statement of beliefs, or indeed be a Christian to join or volunteer with us. We are fully LGBT* affirming and we have a dedicated LGBT* rep. As we say we welcome all, no matter who they are, whom they love, or where they are in life's journey.

Campaigning for Justice

Discipleship and pacifism are not passive. We have charity collections, and national and local campaigns which we run. In the past we have convinced the University not to support tax evading companies, and are currently working to ban arms companies from our Career Fairs. We were also the first White Poppies for Peace provider at the University.

Real Education

We are a learning community. Through us you will have access to the latest theological insights, hundreds of resources including inter disciplinary studies with a strong emphasis on justice and peace. We also cooperate with other groups on campus to organise joint panel discussions. Each of our meeting is designed to provide ample space for discussion and learning. 

SCM Affiliated

We are part of the Student Christian Movement, Britain's oldest student Christian organisation (1889), which played an important role in establishing the World Council of Churches and the National Union of Students before becoming a justice-centred organisation.

Awards and Recognition

Our society has been awarded Gold Standard (2015) by the Societies Guild, Best Campaign (2015) and Best Interfaith Activity (2017) by SCM. Our members have been awarded the following awards for their work through us: Exceptional Service to Societies (2016) and Golden Guild Award (2016) by the Soc Guild, and Blogger of the Year (2017) by SCM, plus numerous Big Essex Award and vTeam Passport certificates for volunteering! 

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Happening Now!

Unsurprisingly, we are not running events during Summer Term, but we have some exciting things planned for next year!

Coming Up

- Weekly Meetings (Thursdays 7PM LTB B)
- Socials & Trips

Charity of the Year

Emmaus Colchester 

Food Bank Collections

Now Open

Ongoing Campaigns

- Teach Peace Not War
- White Poppies For Peace 

Recent Collaborations

- Religion and Morality (Humanist Soc, 2017)
- Religion and Politics (Political Socs, 2016)
- LGBT* Rights in Uganda (Human Rights Soc, 2015)
- Is Abortion a Human Right? (Amnesty Soc, 2015)

Recent Campaigns

- Recycling Bins in the Chaplaincy (2016)
- Sourced (2015)
- Equal Blood (2015)

Meet the Execs




Simone is a MSD Biological Sciences student, a keen volunteer (St John Ambulance, Night Ninjas, SOS Bus, Street Pastors), the intern at Wivenhoe Congregational church, and the Science and Religion Rep for SCM. He can rock a nail varnish like no one else.

Secretary / LGBT* Rep

Cate is Criminology student and goes to Kingsland and Wivenhoe Congregational church. She won Blogger of the Year with SCM.



Chaplain / Disability Rep

Justin is the minister at Wivenhoe Congregational, the Congregational chaplain at the University, and the Congregational Rep for SCM (newly elected)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be Progressive if Christianity
is 2000 years old?

What we mean by "progressive" is that we combine the teaching of Jesus as embodied by the New Testament and the tradition of the Church with the latest insight of academically sound scholarship from across the world. As N.T. Wright would say, we read the Bible with first-century eyes (as close to the pre-Constantine church as possible) and twenty-first-century questions (for real life today).

What do you mean by LGBT* affirming?

We mean that we welcome them without any terms of condition, and we support their right to have loving relationships and families with whomever they want, as well as campaigning for sensible measures to prevent them to be considered second-class citizens in our home countries.

Will I be welcome if I... 

Yes. We welcome everyone no matter what, as long as they allow us to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all other members. (We are however also subject to Soc Guild, Chaplaincy, SU, and University regulations)

Welcoming Churches

Wivenhoe Congregational

The closest church to the campus, we're currently working closely with their minister to make it even more student-welcoming. You can expect free refreshment and weekly events. Style is a mixture of traditional (hymns, not smoke and bells) and modern. Currently working on getting them affiliated with SCM.

Lion Walk URC

Located in the town centre, it has a morning and an evening service, both with hymns. The morning service includes refreshments and occasionally a Fair Trade stand of mostly edible items.

St Leonard's Church of England

Located in Lexden, it is a "middle ground" church.


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