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Our members practice and teach a number of different skills, all of which are commonly grouped together as “circus skills”, and include:

Juggling: The art of throwing objects (typically balls, clubs, rings, or scarves) into the air and catching them again.

Poi Spinning: Poi are weighted balls attached by strings to handles, typically featuring streamers or tails, and used as a pair. They are spun in various patterns around the performer.

Staff Spinning: Spinning wooden or metal poles, typically 5 feet long and tipped with fire-wicks at both ends. The staff is spun, thrown and caught in various ways.

Diabolo: Involves a spool shaped object which is whirled and tossed upon a string tied to two sticks, held one in each hand. A huge variety of tricks are possible using the sticks, string, and various body parts.

Devil Sticks: The continuous manipulation of one central stick by two smaller sticks held in the hands. The sticks are bounced and thrown so that they never touch the floor.

Contact Juggling: Rolling and manipulating one or more acrylic "crystal" balls over ones hands, arms, and body.

Meteor: Similar to Poi Spinning, the meteor consists of two weighted balls connected by a single string which may be spun or thrown.

Fire Arts: We host weekly practice sessions with fire and take part in performances on and off campus. All of the skills listed above can be performed with fire props as well as fire dancing using fire fans or fire swords. We do not currently do any fire breathing or fire eating.

And more: There are a great many performance skills and props that are related to the ones listed above, and we welcome performers of them to come along, practice their skills, and perhaps teach them to the group. Anything from Astro-Jax to Unicycles, and all things in between are of interest.

Juggling, Spinning, Magic, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Poi, Fire and other Circus Skills... What could go wrong?

We'll be meeting on Thursdays at 6pm in the Hex this term. These sessions will run until 8pm, at which point we'll move to Square 5 for the fire session, which generally finishes at 10pm. We usually finish late and move to the Top Bar for a small social.

We're a very friendly and informal club and welcome new members of all and any ability. Even if you've never picked up a juggling ball before in your life.

We practice a variety of skills including juggling, poi, staff spinning, unicycle, hula hooping, diabolo and essentially anything else that falls under the circus skills umbrella.

We have a range of society owned equipment so you don’t need anything of your own, though many of our members have their own equipment which they are happy to share.

Membership is only £5 for the year and you can come and see what you think for a few sessions before we’ll ask you to join.

(For insurance reasons you must have paid the £5 membership fee to handle the fire equipment.)


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