RAG Week


RAG stands for Raising and Giving. This year, we had RAG week Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th March the launch of our fundraising events.

Though our RAG activities are STILL OPEN to get involved and help us raise as much money as possible!

WHO we're helping


the colchester food bank

“The foodbank was there when we really needed it, it was an absolute lifeline.”

We don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. That’s why we provide three days' nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to us in crisis. Over a third of those we help are children. We are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

Black minds matter

Our mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services — by professional Black therapists to support their mental health. To make this happen, we want to make mental health topics more relevant and accessible for all Black people in the U.K., removing the stigma and remodelling the services to be relevant for the Black community.


get involved


There are so many different ways that you can still get involved with RAG this year, whether you want to take on a challenge or make a donation.

Find out some of the different opportuntiies below!

We have set up fundraising pages as part of RAG Week to raise money for
Black Minds Matter &
Colchester Food Bank.
You can donate to either of these pages or use these links as part of your fundraising activities.
If you want to set up your own page with your club or society, please send a request to join our team and all the money you raise will be counted towards this year's total.

The Brit 2021 Challenge will launch on Monday 15th March 2021 and runs until Friday 23rd April 2021.
The Brit 2021 Challenge is organised by The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) to support young adult mental health in the UK.

The challenge involves entering a team to cover a 2,021 distance through either hand-cycling, cycling, wheelchair pushing, swimming, walking, jogging, running, rowing or paddling. As a team you get sponsorship to reach this goal.

Find out more about the challenge.
Register a team.

The live below the line challenge is a challenge you could complete with your club/society or group of friends.

The basic premise is to spend 5 days living off £1 a day for all food and drink.

This challenge aims to bring awareness to the 690 million people around the world living below the poverty line. 

Set up a Justgiving page for Colchester Food Bank and get sponsorships to complete your challenge and join our team alternatively donate the money you would have spend on food to our page supporting colchester food bank,.


Don't have time to fundraise but want to support Colchester Food Bank?

We have created an online store with all of the items that the Colchester Food Bank are currently need desperately. You can purchase items through the site and we will buy them and donate on your behalf. 
Email your transaction across to us and we'll put this total towards your club/society fundraising total. 

SU VTeam had an essential service activity on the 27th & 28th March 2021. Preparing food packs for vulnerable and low-income people that are less fortunate in these difficult times and need our support

Cafe on the Rec has been helping people and feeding Feed Colchester kids during school holidays; as lockdown showed, it has been a massive issue.

Rebel had their 5th Annual 50 Hour Rebellion from Thursday 25th March at 12pm - Saturday 27th March at 2pm. This 50 hour straight radio marathon will host shows from members of the Essex community and raised £1,127.5 for our chosen charities. 

Listen to the show over twitch.

Find out more






There are so many other ways that you can easily donate to support our charities.

Easy Fundraising is a cash back website that makes donations to a charity on your behalf every time you use click on their site before shopping online and at no cost to you. Colchester Food Bank are set up on Easy Fundraising ready for you to donate when you're online shopping.

You can also use Amazon Smile to fundraise for your chosen charity. 


If you have a fundraising idea but you're not sure how to go about it or have an idea that you think could be scaled up if only you had a little support?

Complete this quick form and a member of the Student Activities Team will be in touch to discuss how we can help! 

Have you completed any fundraising this year already or have other plans over RAG Week?

Complete this quick form to let us know how it went and this will go towards the RAG fundraising leaderboard!