Head of Writing

Maria Machado Moreira

Head of Video

Elise Kumm

Hi! Lizzie here :) I'm a final year Film and Creative Writing student and been with Rebel from the start two years ago. I have an ultimate passion for journalism, filmmaking and new media. I think Rebel has the potential to be the best Student Media platform in the country with the forward-thinking structure and bright minds that we have. You can contact me about anything you want to know about Rebel's video side, I'll happily answer any questions you might have and point you to the right direction within this amazing student led organisation.

Head of Radio 

Eva kalb


Head of Marketing & Web

Savanna Rayment

Hi! My name's Savanna. I'm an MA student & a crazy cat lady. Contact me if you want to know more about Rebel's social media presence and marketing strategy :) All memes welcomes.


Tara Benjamin-morgan


Lewis Adger

Hi, my name's Lewis and I'm a second year film undergraduate. It wasn't until after I completed my college course in electronic engineering where a began developing a passion for film making and media in general- so I decided to apply for university and haven't looked back since. Talk to me about anything technical- cameras, sound, editing and anything else student media related.


Grace Dalton

Hey, I'm a final year Electronic Engineering student. I'm in the studios a ton so feel free to ask me anything tech-related & I'll try my best to help! 

GEneral Enquiries

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