Fast Feedback

Welcome to your Fast Feedback Form

If you are a course rep and you haven't yet filled out an SSLC Feedback Form then this is the place to do it. If you would prefer to speak to us face-to-face then please contact us direcly on and we can arrange to see you (please bring cake):

Neil Bamber - Education Experience Coordinator -

Josh Carter - Faculty Convenor (Social Sciences) -

Johnny Marriott - Faculty Coordinator (Humanities) -

Kat Younger - Faculty Coordinator (Science and Health) -

Emma Quixley - Events and Communications Coordinator (Southend) -

Andrew McIntosh - Faculty Convener: Postgraduate -

Rauiri Hipkin - Faculty Convener: Humanities -

Eigaude Bertasuite - Faculy Convener: Social Sciences -


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