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Being a course rep is more than just attending meetings. Students become course reps because they either want to represent your peers, ensure that they get the best facilities and resources for their degree, feedback what is good and what could be improved, and because they want to further develop your personal skills. All are valid reasons and there are many more.

If you would like to sign up as a Course Rep, please click the link below:

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If you have any questions then email 

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What we've been up to

How to claim back travel costs from placement

If you are a home student in HSC (Nursing/OT/Social Work/Oral Health/SLT) then you can claim back your travel from placement

Brilliant feedback from Health and Social Care students

Representation lunches were held for students in the School of Health and Social Care

Updates from CSEE

Here are some of the things that your department is investigating for Post-graduates thanks to student reps.

PPS Achievements

Read here to see what we've been up to in PPS

Achievements in SPAH

Read here to find out what's happened in the last term in School of Philosophy and Art History.


SSLC minutes

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Each faculty has a faculty convenor who acts as the lead rep for student representatives in the university. They work closely with departments, attend regular university meetings and support the Students’ Union in delivering our first promise – to help you get an amazing degree and job. 

science and health

Faculty Convenor - hope alexander

School of Biological Sciences

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Psychology

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

School of Health and Social Care

School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences