Become a Course Rep

what even is a 
course rep?

A Course Rep is a volunteer that gives up their time to represent and support the students on their course, in their department, or around the university. They're the voice of the student body, and they make sure that every penny you spend to study here at Essex is worth it.

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sounds great. 
but what's in it for me?

Being a Course Rep is more than just representing and supporting student voice though; you’ll gain an immense range of personal and professional skills (that look great on your CV), spend time with like-minded people, get to know your lecturers, and really make a difference to student’s lives.

We're a little bit biased, but we think being a course rep is an awesome opportunity. Shape your education around the student voice, gain personal and professional skills and have some fun while you’re doing it!


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Don't just take our word for it though

Here are some of the Course Reps in previous years, and they’ve got something to tell you.

I love being a course rep because I am able to have a say, and can influence decision making in the department. This year, I suggested that the department arrange workshops to help us with our dissertation, and they have promised to implement the changes in the summer term.

Helene Kjerstad – BA International Relations

We live in a technological age where too often we communicate invisibly. As a Course Rep I’m visible and have encouraged a supportive group identity where we can openly talk to each other and share ideas, concerns, and compare coffee consumption. We belong here, we count, and we have a voice that is listened to by our department. It is a privilege being a Course Rep.

Aine Bryson – MSc Psychology

Being a Course Rep enables me to represent the voice of the students on my course. Given the highly challenging nature of our course, it is always a pleasure helping to raise and discuss any issues that my fellow students may face. In addition to being the voice of the students, I have always been interested in promoting the importance of engagement between the students on my course. For this, I am proud to be currently involved in the planning for an event called “breaking the barriers” for which we have been awarded a Cohort Building Award.

Mohab Elbishbishy – PhD Biological Sciences


We're holding a taster session for anyone interested in the role in the second week of term. If you want to become a rep, fancy learning a little bit more about how Course Reps can help you as a student, or just want to come and hear some inspirational words about the history of rebellion and a convention challenging attitude at Essex, then click the big button below and we’ll get back to you with a meeting invite letting you know where and when the session will be.

Let's do this.  
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