Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

This Month I was focused on meeting deadlines for black History Month and finalising the events and venues. I worked closely with Claire revising the calendar for BHM and going through the technical aspects of all the events.

The main events that I have been focused on are the ‘Welcome to Black History Month’ event, Coko, LGBT* BAME event, the Black Lives Matter Vigil and the big finale – the Festival for All. For all of these events I am trying to get as much of what the black students of Essex need/ want to see as possible by offering a wide variety of events to go to.

The Black Lives Matter Vigil I feel is one of the major events to highlight as there is too much happening right now that we cannot ignore. Throughout Black History Month I will be posing the question “Why does Black History Matter to you?” to students. Students will be recorded/ their answers will be collected through a hashtag and compiled into footage for an inspiring video at the end of it all.

I have tried to get into contact with notable people such as the Black Lives Matter organisation to attend the vigil and many others to speak and perform at our events, and I am doing my best to show that Black History matters at Essex.  

Other than Black History Month – the planning of which has been intense – I have been thinking of different ways to cater to all students who are BAME. I have met with the VP International and Women’s Officer to discuss a campaign focused on consent, aimed at informing and educating all of our students accommodating to different cultural backgrounds.

I have also put forward the idea for an anti-discrimination campaign to make students aware of the fact that any discrimination will not be tolerated on our campuses. I would be working with the LGBT and Women’s Officer on this campaign. Incidents of racial insensitivity are still happening on campus and it is my goal to advise students on how to respond in these situations while also making sure that perpetrators are dealt with appropriately by the university.

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