Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

This month was jam packed with black history month events. We succeeded in producing event calendars, a black history matters banner and adverts on the screens in squares. On arrivals day I was out in the squares handing out black history month calendars and speaking to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students – introducing myself and offering my help as BAME Officer to make the year amazing for them whether it be BAME –related or they were freshers who just needed a friend.

Since then I have been out on squares with the #blackhistorymatters campaign asking students to write down/ have a conversation with me about why they think black history matters on a poster and recorded their messages by taking a photograph of them with their posters. I have set up the BAME network and during freshers’ fair a number of people signed up to it with others expressing interest in being involved throughout the year.

I have been working closely with the other liberation officers, the VP International and the feminist society to create a consent and sex awareness campaign geared towards international students.

I have also been working on an anti-discrimination campaign for the year and am looking for people to participate in a video that I am creating for the launch of the campaign later this year.

I am also chasing up on the Salon and whether the SU will introduce a afro-textured hairdresser (not just a barber).

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