Officer Report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

This month started off with a bang! I worked closely with the President to get Akala to come and speak on Black British History. This event sold out within a couple of days. The event was a success and we asked for students to write what they want to see more of from the union, down. After the Akala event I sent out emails to all those who attended with an update on their feedback.

I have been structuring an anti-discrimination campaign and putting all the information together from my campaign ‘#BlackHistoryMatters’ to release next term. I was part of the group that went to protest tuition fees and the restriction of access to education for BAME and International students on the 19th of November. This NUS Demo i felt was important to be a part of because of the difficulties that BAME students face in education compared to non-BAME peers. I also attended the Black Students’ Conference and got a lot of ideas for #whyiscurriculumsowhite campaign from other unions.

This month has been focused on creating links with BAME societies to ensure greater representation.

leshandra mandlate

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