Officer Report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

Black History Month

This month myself and the BAME Student Network along side Events Frontrunner Kristiana Gradeva, have been preparing event for Black History Month 2017 when term starts in October. We have been planning events with guest speakers, singers, dancer and performers in order to cater for as many tastes as possible. We have been asking students to contribute to our Inspirational People Campaign, which will be spread across social media and on the screens between Square 3 and 4 to display the positive role models our students have, with the hope of inspiring other students and teaching other students of role models they may never have thought of. Our aim for Black History Month is to engage, educate and empower as many students and staff as possible. We want to ensure our students feel proud of where they come from and we at the Students Union are planning a month filled with informative and engaging activities in order to do so.

BAME Nation

We are currently  in the process of planning and marketing BAME Nation, an alumni event which is due to take place in November. This event will be held with the hopes of providing an opportunity for present University of Essex to ask previous students where they are in terms of the career, how they got there, and to discuss and adivce on the obstacles and challenges faced along the way. My hope is that the event will provide realistic, honest and first hand experience of what to expect in the working world for students from an ethnic minority background.  The BAME attainment gap is the inspiration for this event. As a university I believe it is important to address topics that effect our students and to do our best to ensure our students will be more than what the statictics say of them.

More information about BAME Nation will be provided as we continue our planning.

International Students Guide

I am currently working alongside other Executive Officers to help create an International Students' Guide for international students coming in the 2017/18 year. This is being led by Yasmin, VP International.

BAME Student Network Page

I have begun planning what I would like the BAME Student Network Page to look like ready for the next academic year. My hope is to have all BAME students using the page and actively retrieving their desired information in a quick and easy manner.


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