Officer Report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

Black History Month
  • The month of August has included continued planning of the events that will take place during Black History Month. We have continued the work we have been doing in July. The events themselves have progressed significantly with rooms and speakers being booked. There has also been evidence of students who would like to be engaged with the activities in Black History Month.
What to expect next month:
  • Finalised room and speaker bookings
  • All the events of Black History Month to have fully taken shape and to be finalised
  • Further opportunities for students to volunteer in the events
BAME Nation

Progress has been made for this alumni event also. Room bookings have been made. Appropriate people within the university have been spoken to, and things are starting to take place. The aim of the event is to inspire Essex students but to also show them the realities of life in the working world or in further education. The speakers of the event will come from a range of disciplines and departments of study to provide a variety for students.

What to expect next month:
  • Confirmation of speakers
  • The opportunity to send in your questions to ask the speakers via BAME social media accounts
  • A clear theme of the event
  • Opportunity for students to volunteer in the events
BAME Social Media

This month we have launched a Twitter and an Instagram page where you can keep up with all the latest news from the BAME Student Network team here at Essex University. Follow us on @bame_essex on both Twitter and Instagram. Also expect a greater presence from us on our Facebook page too @BAMENetwork. All of which can be used to keep up to date with university events, have a look at any external events we may have advertised or simply to say hi or ask any questions.


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