Officer report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

Arrivals / Freshers

Arrivals Day was a fantastic day, I met so many new students and increased my visibility as an officer, allowing more students to know that there is a BAME Network, there is a BAME Officer and there is representation for all students from an ethnic minority background at the University of Essex.

I had the pleasure of going to all 3 campuses during the welcome weeks. It was so great to see so many students wanting to be involved with the student networks.

The BAME Mixer was incredibly successful and saw more than 100 students join the network and learn more about what the network is there to do for them.

I attended the International and Students with Disabilities mixers, which were both very well attended. It was great to see so many students engaged with the Student’s Union and know that there is a space for them here at Essex.

Black History Month

Throughout the month of October, we celebrated Black History Month across all three campuses this year. Every event was very well attended and there were engaged audiences throughout. I had the pleasure of hosting the Future is Female, a women’s empowerment event that included special guests Victoria Sanusi – a BuzzFeed reporter, Angela Muruli – an Essex alumni and Philip Akoda – our very own BAME Deputy Chair. We welcomed comedian Eddie Kadi, who performed a comedy act in the Ivor Crewe and ended with a festival on square 3. The BAME Network collaborated heavily with societies during the month. Their events made all attendees think and provided a little bit extra to the month.

Coming up in November
  • BAME Forum: Tuesday 14th November, LTB4, 18:00-20:00
  • BAME Mixer: Tuesday 28th November, LTB7, 18:00-20:00


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