Officer Report

Disabled Students Officer

What I’ve been working on 

I’ve had a meeting with Natalie about my plans for the upcoming year and I’ve been thinking and planning ideas for fresher’s fair, mixers and other events for this year.

I have 3 main plans for next year, which are an event to increase awareness for neurodiversity disabilities, increase opportunities within sports and societies for people with disabilities, the last is to look at accessibility around campus for disabled students.

I’ve had a meeting with Natalie and Neil about University changes to disability liaison officers due to DSA funding and put my view of these reforms forward to all disabled students.

I’ve reviewed and made adjustments to the disability community page on the student’s unions website, so it’s easier to use and more informative for students with disabilities.

Spoken to Choco Mclnnes (media and communication role within the network) and we have discussed creating a Facebook page for disabled students and running social media campaigns, as well as creating a logo for the community.

I’ve been involved along with many other people with disabilities in creating a neurodiversity and mental health society, the application for this new society has been entered and we are just waiting for it to be ratified.

What’s coming up

The next events that I’m currently working towards are fresher’s fair and the mixers events, as well as the ratification of the neurodiversity and mental health society.



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