Officer Report

East 15 (Loughton) President

Setting Up Communications

Being my first month as East 15 President much of my time has been spent establishing communications between the other SU staff at the Loughton campus and myself.

Lee has been employed as the Union Campus Manager here and he will be playing an integral part in all the developments here in Loughton for the next year.

Lee, Zoe and I have had a meeting where we covered many of things we want see change at the Loughton campus and narrowed down the things that we would like to achieve in the upcoming year. This included: accessibility to tampons, drinks deals at the Students Union, and, a kettle and microwave.

Pre-performance Fruit and Water

Zoe and I have discussed the opportunity to have free fruit and water before a performance. At Colchester this happens before exams, and, performances are our equivalent. Zoe says this is a very probable goal!

Christmas Party

We have been planning an East 15 Christmas Party event at the end of December term, which, is unlike we here at East 15 Loughton have seen before. It will include a photo booth, fancy dress competition and a snow machine, with many more surprises that are yet to be unveiled! I hope this should increase student nightlife satisfaction and set the standard of events in the upcoming year.

Meet Mali Day

We’ve discussed ways in order to improve student accessibility to me, and came up with the equivalent of the Colchester ‘Surgery’: Meet Mali Day. This will hopefully create an open space for student feedback, advice and ideas.


There has been discussion about the current overcrowding situation at East 15 Loughton and are investigating the possibility to get bean bags and more outdoor benches.


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