Officer Report

East 15 (Loughton) President


On August 3rd, the SU executive team spent half a day presenting our manifestos and speaking with the Senior Staff of the University to see the areas in which they can help us achieve what we want to. This has been important for getting help and backing with some key points in my manifesto, and has been good as a reminder to the University that East 15 is just as much part of the school, and deserves just as much attention!

SU Website

Together Lee and I wrote up all sorts of information for the incoming students this Fall. From information to living in Loughton and opening bank accounts, to an introduction of the SU and what we do/have done, this website is going to include everything students need to know for their start!

International Students’ Guide

Working with Yasmin, the VP International, and in addition to the SU website, this guide has similar information, more tailored towards being an international student. We hope to get both the website and the guide out in time for students’ arrival.


In addition to Zoe (SU president) and Ernest (VP Southend) having gone up to the Fringe, Lee and I are going to go up from the 24-27th to offer support to East 15 students and alumni doing shows at the Fringe Theatre Festival. From flyering to providing gaffa tap and fruit, we hope to support and help the students in anyway we can!

Freshers’ Week

We’ve been in contact with the directors (whose shows are playing the same week as Freshers), and the school to ensure that there are no clashes and that everything works in harmony. We’ve come up with a calendar with the week jam-packed with parties, day-time events, tours, information and anything else you might want during Freshers.

Wellbeing Plan/Campaign Launch

Working with Masud (VP Wellfare) and Fee Boon (head of Student Services in Loughton), we are looking at area that can help aid student well-being on campus. After multiple meetings and speaking to students, I plan on creating a sort of Well-being campaign with information, freebies and other services to promote well-ness on campus. After all, East 15’s theatre work requires that you are well!

Night-time Safety

A big part of this Wellbeing campaign is night-time safety, which is something that I’ve promised students to try and bring onto Loughton (i.e. a Walk-Me-Home system). In addition to providing torches and personal alarms and tips for staying safe, we are hoping to implement a walk-me-home system on a volunteer basis using an app called Faxi. This will hopefully be in place by the start of term.

JustPlay extension

Another part of my manifesto that has started to take form. We worked on getting student feedback on the types of classes/workshops that students would like to see. It’s looking like it’s going to be a long journey, but meetings are being planned to make it happen!

Black History Month

This has been a big part of our planning, as Black History Month is all of October. Working closely with Miguel, a second year BA International student, we’ve been planning all sorts of campaigns and events (from displays and posters, to debates, and party nights) we’re hoping to give Black History Month a bit more justice than it’s been given in the past.



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