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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer+ officer

This month I’ve been working to make sure that the LGBT+ Students Network is prepared for the upcoming term. This means that we’ll be having a large presence at Freshers’ Fair this year, and will be much more visible and prepared in comparison to last year. We’ll also be hosting our LGBT+ Students’ Mixer in The Hexagon this year to provide a welcoming, alcohol free induction to the LGBT+ community at Essex. This event will detail what the Network is and what we do, and what our plans are for the year.  The Network already has 100 members – if you haven’t got your membership  yet, you can get one for free from

We’ve also been rebranding our social media and have introduced a new logo for the Network – check out our Twitter & Facebook at and

These first few weeks of term coming up are important in terms of trans+ representation at the university – the executive of the SU is currently preparing to elect our first ever Trans+ Officer – a huge win for trans+ students at the university. This means that the role of the LGBT+ Officer has changed – in order to give the incoming Trans+ Officer full autonomy over their role, the name of the LGBT+ Officer will be changing to LGBQ+ Officer. However, this does not mean that each officer will only be focussing on their specific issues relating to gender and sexuality – as there is large amounts of overlap between the two, the officers will be working very closely together, and will also be co-chairing the LGBT+ Network between them.

If you’re interested in running for Trans+ Officer and would like some more information about the role, please contact me at It’s possible that we might be opening more positions on the Network Executive Committee too, so keep an eye out on our social media.

During the end of September, the Network will also be launching the Bathroom Awareness campaign, the first of its kind at Essex. This campaign, inspired by our friends at Anglia Ruskin University, is aimed at helping Essex students understand issues that trans+ people face in bathrooms, and helping trans+ students feel safe in bathrooms on campus. Keep an eye out for our posters in bathrooms around campus!

We’re also very excited for the launch of our new look Ignite, on Saturday 14th October in Base. You can grab your free tickets from right now.

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