Officer Report

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* officer

Ignite and LGBT* 101 

So far I have begun to lay the groundwork for the continuation of our very popular LGBT* night out ‘Ignite’, as well as beginning to plan a new event titled ‘LGBT* 101’ – a non-alcohol social event aimed at strengthening the LGBT* community at Essex through a wide variety of educational and social events. Preliminary feedback for this event has so far been very positive; whilst speaking to LGBT* students around the university it was highlighted to me that there was a significant proportion of student that did not feel a part of the community due to focus on drinking socials, so I wish to expand the officer role to attempt to include as much of the community as possible. 

Social Media Presence 

Since assuming the role I have unfortunately been away for the summer. However, this does mean that I have been able to review the LGBT* officer presence on social media and update information found on the internet. This has involved creating a more inclusive logo to reflect more aspects of the LGBT* community, as well as reaching out across the university’s social media platforms so that people recognise who I am; this being especially important in the run up to the new term. 

LGBT* Welcome Pack 

As the summer progresses I shall be providing more resources and assistance to new and returning students so that they feel welcome and safe whilst studying at Essex. I plan to do this via an online ‘welcome pack’ filled with information about LGBT* services and events around the university’s three campuses and the nearby areas.

taran baragwanath

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