Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* officer

This month I have been working very closely with the other liberation officers to promote our brand new Liberation Networks. These will hopefully be launched over the coming weeks so keep an eye out! We’ve also been working hard to build an anti-spiking campaign that also ties in with our Consent Campaign that is soon to be launched.

For Black History Month, myself and Leshandra, our BAME Officer, hosted a conference focussing on the intersection of LGBT* and BAME with some guest speakers. This event was very good in that we had a brilliant conversation about issues that BAME LGBT* people face as a subgroup, and something I will definitely be building on over the next year.

Our first Ignite was also a great success, with a brilliant turn out and (hopefully) everyone enjoyed it immensely! The next one will be on the 3rd of November, which will be a Black History Month special!

Recently, myself and Sarah, the Women’s Officer, have been in contact with the University’s Equality and Diversity department in relation to making the Harassment Advisory Network more easily accessible for students. Although this is in early steps, we’re very hopeful that this will help students in reporting bullying and sexual harassment. We’re also working with the University on their upcoming Stand Up! Bystander intervention campaign, which will launch on November the 7th.

taran baragwanath

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