Officer Report

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* officer

This month I have been working with the newly elected members of the LGBT+ Network Committee  and the Student Communities Co-ordinator on the LGBT+ Network Committee, which is to be co-chaired by the incoming Trans+ Officer and myself. Following on from the recent poll on Survey Monkey, my role will be renamed to LGBQ+ Officer to give the role of Trans+ Officer full autonomy. This however does not mean that the LGBQ+ Officer will not work on trans+ issues and vice versa; as we well know, there is lots of intersection between the two and working together will make us stronger voice for LGBT+ students. For this reason, the LGBT+ Network will be co-chaired by myself and the new Trans+ Officer. I have also begun to form our plans for Freshers’ Week, which is extremely important to new students, as it provides them with a support network away from home.

taran baragwanath

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