LGBT Officer March 2016


Women’s week

As part of women’s week, I worked with the feminist society to create a women’s week special for Ignite on 10th March. This meant that all the music played was by female artists and students could request songs for the night which were added to the playlist. There was a great turnout for this event and was overall successful, and I hope that numbers for the event will be as good next term.

The women’s officer had organized a live music session in the SU bar on March 11th which I had hosted. Female students performed their own music for fellow peers, which had a great turnout. Although I hosted due to the women’s officer being unable to attend, I still felt it important to be involved with women’s week to show support and solidarity to other liberation groups. 


We are continuing to plan this event for the International Day against Homophobia or Transphobia on 21st May. It will be a football tournament event for students and young people to join a team and have fun whilst also being educated about LGBT* issues. I will be marketing the event in the coming weeks.


This term I decided to have a more laid back approach to the forum. As it was deadline season, people may not have been too keen to come to forums and so I marketed the forum as a ‘drop in session’ for LGBT* students to come and talk about any issues they have. Although I was slightly disappointed with the turnout, I was still able to spend time with the students that did arrive and talk in depth about their concerns.  


As exam season is coming up, I don’t want to bombard students with events, but instead want to be there to assist and give support to LGBT* students who may be struggling and also hold craft or short sessions that may be therapeutic. I am still also hoping to have a small pride event on campus in May that is still in planning.


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