Officer Report

mature and part-time students' officer


This is my report for this month.

Just a short one today to say thanks for the students who did turn up to meetings and although no one turned up to forums, we will continue to support mature students anyway we can. I wish the officer replacing me in Oct the best of luck and hope you all turn up to events once again it was good to see that some of you attended and hope you will help make Mapsa succeed for all of the students. We did hear back from some departments but no luck with the barriers and reception room to be used as a temp common room this is why we need to make more effort to fight for what we want and to make sure we are taken notice of. Good luck to the new officer.


Events will be held in the new term so please watch out for planned events and make it successful.  Please leave the moans and groans in the last and think of the future of the group. I do believe there is a paid officer to help with events and nature students so it she’d all be good. I’m sorry I hadn’t arranged more events and get together bit I had no feedback or not many. I had a lot of ideas but nothing will work unless students can attend. I apologise for not holding more but I this thus year gas been a stepping stone to get things moving.  There were things talked about to help over exam times but no feedback.

christopher mullan

If you have got any questions or comments for Chris on his April report please post them below.


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