Officer Report

Mature Students' Officer

I wanted to start by expressing my gratitude to all those who voted for me, and have congratulated me since.

In 2015 a decision by the majority of students was made to drop the acronym MaPSA (Mature and Part-time Students Association) and split the role into two.

With this rebranding in mind, I decided to rename the Facebook group from MaPSA to Mature Students (Part-time student and/or student parents) Network. It has been met with mixed opinions however, I am certain this will make it easier for fresher’s and returning students alike to find the mature community.

I would like to thank the origami society for their Monday sessions on Christmas card making, that took place within the common room. It has been meet with nothing but positive feedback and I would love to see more of these in the future.

That said, the mature common room (Colchester Campus - 5.401) has been a hot topic for many a conversation. The university have decided to give the mature students a common room within their newest build however, with completion expected late 2017 I decided to revamp the layout of the current common room to make it less like a dental reception and more inviting.

Sadly, I was a little over ambitious. My weekly socials were perfect in theory and tragic in practice. I have therefore decided to promote the events that are currently booked into the calendar for the rest of this term until we can grow our community and then create tailored events.

I would love some feedback on whether you saw the Mature Mixer event, as the turnout was rather disappointing.

Microwaves locations are being looked into by the SU, we expect to put a couple in each location as the feedback received was that you were having to queue for them. I will keep you updated on this.

What’s coming up?

The SPN (Student Parent’s Network) is holding a Sunday afternoon Christmas themed crafts session/party.

Date: 11th December 2016

Time: 2pm until 4pm

Location: Ivor Crewe Seminar Room

Price: Free.                          

We have a party! The children’s SU Party to be exact, and it’s free!

Date: 22nd December 2016

Time: 4.30pm until 6.30

Location: Colchester Campus – Base (under the SU Reception)

Note; Although this is a free event, this is a ticketed event and tickets need to be purchased from the SU website by the 9th December 2016 – 11:59pm. Santa needs an idea of presents to bring so make sure you fill in the online form regarding the age and gender of the child/children attending.

I am working with the SU to improve their website. At the moment we are ensuring all events are on the ‘What’s on” section however, your input would be amazing! Email me if you have some ideas!

Student Parents need to apply to SUHomes now. The link is on the Facebook group however, this is another quick reminder that SUHomes have property available however, they do tend to go fast.


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