Officer Report

Mature Students' Officer

Continued to hold a regular meet-up for Mature Students every Wednesday at 19:30 in Top Bar. This is now included on the Mature Students monthly newsletter.

In a meeting with Chrissie Lewis and Natalie Bell-Surette discussed marketing research that gave an indication of how mature students feel about the Students Union.

Held a Mature Students Forum with Chrissie Lewis on 19th February 2018 at 12:00. Three students turned up and we asked them what they wanted to see from a Mature Students Network and how I could possibly help them in the future. The feedback gathered was useful. A student noted that lecture timetabling does not necessarily take account of commuting students. Another said that the car parking situation at the University was unacceptable. We also discussed why the SU outlets such as the Store set their prices as they do. All these issues were interesting to listen to but beyond my remit as Mature Students Officer to influence. I asked them directly whether they would value the opportunity to meet other mature students or student parents and the response was that there simply is not the time to do so, or that the vast differences in age do not make it natural. Therefore, I will be more hands-off in the future and reduce the amount of effort and time I put into arranging social events.

Instead of having a focus on socializing I think it would be appropriate to wherever possible promote opportunities for mature students to enhance their personal development. One way of doing this is through improving their employability skills. Consequently, I have in consultation with the Employability Centre arranged for an employability workshop to take place on 13th March 2018 at 18:00 where attendees can work on their CVs, writing cover letters, and anything else that they want to get assistance on.



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