Officer Report

Mature Students' Officer

After meeting with the Students Union in February to go over the marketing information that was gathered on mature students views I went through all the information again individually. I recognised that mature students did not have as much engagement with the Students Union and they did not know how it could benefit them. Therefore, it was important that wherever possible I tried to communicate the message that the SU is not just there as a place where people socialize, but rather it is fundamental to the SU’s ethos to help students get an amazing degree and job. Thus, I wanted to make sure that my community was aware of the opportunities available on campus regarding academic support and also how students could make themselves more employable so they can market their experience to employers.

With this in mind I organized a careers and employability workshop with the Careers and Employability Centre which took place on 13th March 2018 at 18:00. It was a great event with a turnout of around fifteen, but it was also marketed to societies such as the Cypriot Society which is why the turnout was as it was, and I do not feel like there were enough mature students there. I am disappointed by this, and I received some messages stating that I did not advertise the event enough which is fair, but I did let people know in advance on the Facebook group that we were planning something. My mistake was waiting on a time to be confirmed by the Careers Centre before marketing the event further. I hear from mature students that they do their classes on campus and then go home, so again it is hard to know exactly what they would want to stay on campus for, but conceivably this would be such an event where they would gain transferable skills.

Additionally, I generally just continued my usual role of hosting a weekly gathering space for mature students in Top Bar, but turnout has not been consistently good, and I think that ideally something during the day would work better. At the same time, since everyone’s schedules are different, what time would work best for all? I have always tried to promote awareness to my community for other events and initiatives that are happening around campus. I encouraged them to get involved in the fundraising campaign for the Women’s Refuge and also to come down for the Big Talk on mental health which I thought would be insightful for members who might want to look after their mental health but would not know where to turn. I also asked members about their experiences of the strike action and to what extent they had been affected since it was important for us all to know how people were coping with the chances in their schedules, and I passed on some of these views to the VP Education.


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