Officer Report

Mature Students' Officer

This past month I have continued my work in trying to engage the community by letting them know of events going on around campus via Facebook. Myself and Natalie held a forum for Mature Students on the 11th May. I followed this up by discussing with Chrissie in a meeting what would be the best approach moving forwards. From this meeting it was decided that I would consult the community on what their experiences of Welcome Week in 2017-18 were and potentially what we can do for the upcoming academic year. I took part in the first SU Student Parliament and met Becky Owen, who will be a representative of Mature Students on the parliament in the next academic year. Overall it was a great event to be part of, with a wide range of individuals represented, and it was especially significant that it provided a platform for mature students to have their voices heard, which I hope they will take up in the future.


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