Officer Report

open portfolio officer

Meeting with Zoe

This month, I had a meeting with Zoe in order to discuss all of my plans during the year and how I am going to manage to do them.  She suggested me how can I improve all of the things I would like to do and who can help me.

Jobs Fair Southend

I would like to make this event in February. The main aim for this jobs fair is to invite more external companies which are going to offer not only jobs, but also internships. Right now, I am searching for companies to invite. My aim is to find good companies for each department of the Southend campus – East 15, Essex Business School and School of Health and Social care. In order to achieve my aim, I would like the help of Aideen Sadler in order to choose the best companies. During next month, I will continue with my research and I will start contacting them and asking them what they can offer for the Southend students in February.


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