Officer Report

open portfolio officer

Freshers week

During this week managed to participate in almost every event that was happening in Southend. I met many students on Freshers fair. The feedback from Freshers week in Southend was really good. Most of the students enjoyed all the events. As an open portfolio officer but also as a venue assistant at SU Lounge, the main aim this year was the The Lounge to become a recognizable place for all new students. I think we achieved our aim because now many of the new students are using The Lounge.

SU Ambassador meeting

We had our first ambassador meeting. We managed to think about all the events that we would like to happen in Southend this term. On the next meeting, which is going to take place on 23rd of October, we will start organizing Halloween and Diwali. We need to discuss where is going to take place and exactly what we are going to do. Apart from this, we are thinking about more events that are going to be mainly for commuting students.

Jobs Fair Southend Update

This month, I had a meeting with Aideen Sadler, the employability officer that is based in Southend. We talked about different companies which can participate in our jobs fair and what are the next steps in organizing that event.


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