Officer Report

open portfolio officer

Training for newly elected part-time officers

On November 6th I attended the training for newly elected part-time officers which took place in Colchester. This event gave me an overview on how the Student Union works from inside and what is really crucial for me to have a smooth start. During my day spent in Colchester I also had the chance to get to known my fellow colleagues based in Colchester campus, which was really nice as we had the opportunity to share ideas and plans.

Meeting with my new mentor

I am very happy that I have a mentor who I can always contact with any issue which I may have regarding my role or any other problems that may occur in my journey of completing my manifesto. Firstly, we discussed the points I would like to accomplish in the future regarding my role and then we focused on analyzing my very first aim and what is the best way to accomplish it successfully. In general, this meeting helped me start my role and create an idea of my future steps.


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