Officer Report

open portfolio officer

During past weeks I mostly focused on organising my event which will be held at the end of the April. The objective of the event is to get to know what other departments based in Southend are focusing their studies on and to get insights through workshops which will be delivered by ex and also current students. Each department will held 30min workshop divided into two parts. The first part should be more thought provoking and the second part should be more interactive, focused on self-reflection.

In order to gather all information together, I prepared a form with questions regarding the information about both sections as well as the way how the workshop will benefit each department. Until now I have received two filled forms and I missing only one. After having all three documents, I can move my focus on contacting the marketing team and also to organise all resting important details.

Furthermore, I helped in selling the tickets for the Valentine's event ‘Take Me Out’ organised by SU Ambassadors as well as with pre-event preparations. Also, I helped with holding the International Food Festival in the SU Lounge which received a great feedback from the students.  

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