PG Students Officer - March 2016



Unfortunately I was very unwell for the last couple of weeks of term so I was unable to do as much as I’d have liked to and this also meant I was unable to attend NUS Postgraduate Students’ Conference.

I met with the university’s student experience team to discuss what needs to be done to improve postgraduate student experience here at Essex. I have also met with a couple of students regarding problems affecting their postgraduate experience.

There was supposed to be a follow up meeting regarding the changes to GTA Contracts and Pay however this was postponed by the chair to a couple of weeks from now so I will report back on that in next month’s report.

I also have a meeting with the Librarian over the Easter break at which I want to discuss vacation opening times so that the library is more accessible to postgraduate students when undergraduates are away.

Once I am back in Essex after visiting family I will start planning for the Summer term and start setting up events for the next academic year so that we won’t need to wait to have another postgraduate student’s officer in place before events start to be planned.


If you have got any questions or comments for Jess on her March report please post them below.


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