officer report

Postgraduate Taught Officer

On Friday 15 September we successfully held a postgraduate celebration event in the occasion of postgraduate taught students handing in their dissertations. A handful of postgrads showed up in Square 3 outside SU bar where he had a gazebo set up with music and served students free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

We got good feedback for this event and postgrads were happy that there was an event organised for them after a quiet summer term. We also got the suggestion that next year it may be better to happen twice in 2 different weeks as postgrads of different departments submit their dissertations on different weeks.

Before officially finishing my term as PGT officer in mid-October, I’ve been asked to give my input in couple of things; the first is about allocating a space in Top Bar for chess boards that postgrads and mature students may find interesting and useful for them to use. The second is that I will be meeting with VP services & comms and the operations manager for looking at creating deals for PG students in SU venues





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