Officer Report

Postgraduate Taught STUDENTS'  Officer

First Week

In the first week of taking the officer position I quickly wanted to gather as much information and start making some plans for the year. It was clear to me that many Postgraduates felt disenfranchised and felt there was a lack of entertainment for them. With December coming in quickly I have been working towards having events put in place for postgraduates for when everyone comes back. With the Postgraduate mixers coming up I hope to hear more from postgraduates about what they think would be a good way to move forward with these issues.

Improvements from 2016

Taking the information from postgraduates in a survey done in 2016 I have acted in making sure these problems don’t appear again. After having a meeting, we decided that we will discuss with various heads of departments to set up events for postgraduates to not only show their own successes but to also engage in our own mini-TED talks. With a lack of events for the Departments of the Sciences I hope we can bring in the strong departments into a cross-departmental event. These should be in place by next term. I have begun thinking about how to help those students who have never done a dissertation before and may struggle during the summer term due to the lack of support; on the 6th of December there is a dissertation talk, which I would recommend to all who have concerns.

Summer Term concerns

In regards to summer term, I have been pushing to see some improvements on that front immediately as this has been students concern for years and I would like to make the summer term more enjoyable for postgraduates. After a meeting with the library it’s clear that there’s a lack of staff and funding over the summer. Nevertheless, they also understand that this is what students desire and they would like to do something about it. I have started pushing to increase this funding and, as a compromise, to have the library open on particular days during the week. This will allow postgraduates to concentrate but also take some time off. Every week I have discussed about opening Top Bar for the summer to offer both postgraduates and staff a place to go to take time off. In addition to Top Bar being open every other week during the summer term there should be an event for those on campus to go to and de-stress. Due to the fact that for many students summer term can be incredibly stressful, I would like to help them not only to work hard but also take some time off for themselves.

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