Officer Report

Postgraduate Taught STUDENTS'  Officer

Holiday Period

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and feel well rested for the next term. Over the holidays those that were still on campus may have been able to pop into Top Bar to either study or enjoy the facilities with friends. I have heard some reports from postgraduates that Top Bar on a specific was in fact not open I’m in the middle of finding out why this happened.

First week’s back

Some students might have noticed in Top Bar there are some voting boxes (on the bar counter near the pool tables). For those who don’t know these voting boxes are for an exclusive drink for postgraduates. While I hoped we could jump into the new term with these already active it seems that due to the fact this month is quite short, we would allow for this month to be a voting period. At the end of this month I have various meeting discussing an education event taking place during February. Furthermore, I will be continuing to get the library open for longer hours for postgraduates over the summer to allow for postgraduates an area to study and work on their dissertations offering the same opportunities as undergraduates. If postgraduates can enjoy their time studying at Essex and come out with a great degree then I have achieved my goal.


Looking forward to the next term.

If anyone has questions or queries don’t hesitate to ask.


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