Officer Report

Postgraduate Taught STUDENTS' Officer

Busy Period

The final weeks of term are a busy period for everyone due to the due dates of assignments and busy preparing for the end of term. Nevertheless, I have had some meetings in preparation for the summer term. Some of you might of seen the boxes in Top Bar stipulating some Postgraduate exclusive events these are underway and the boxes will be counted and hopefully many current students will be able to reap these benefits. So far, evening Yoga classes is the most popular but we have discussed perhaps moving forward with the other ideas as well for variety. With the snow melting and the sun coming out properly its clear that spring is underway which means a considerable amount of assignments are due. I have spoken in meetings on how the SU can tackle this issue. Students especially postgraduates, should be able to enjoy their time at university as well as focus on their studies nevertheless, with all the deadlines placed so closely together this can bring a considerable amount of stress which could be avoided.

Summer Term

Summer term is just round the corner which means exams and for many postgraduates the grind of the dissertation. I want to make sure postgraduate students don’t feel alone and struggle through the summer term feeling isolated. The SU has been working productively in making sure PG students get the same support needed whether its emotional support, academic support or just looking to enjoy your final term. I’m working towards making the summer term once undergraduates leave to be active and exciting while still making campus a productive working area. The campus holds many venues so different ideas for postgraduates enjoyment, the BBQ’s by the lakes can be a great location for postgraduates to de-stress and relax from their dissertations for a bit. Hopefully ill be seeing many postgraduates on campus enjoying both some nice weather and their time during the term!

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