Officer Report

Postgraduate Taught STUDENTS'  Officer

Summer term is here! This is a crucial period for postgraduates and the longest of all the terms due to the dissertation. I have recently been having meetings within the SU to make sure that postgraduates have an enjoyable final term filled with both academic progress and entertainment. While many of the items discussed in the meeting wont come to fruition until next year I want to make sure that there is still attention to this current year. Top Bar, the library, the labs and study areas are still a must even after the undergraduates have left. Furthermore, I’m looking into helping postgraduates get through the busy period by either having events to take their minds off work at the end of the weeks, coffee and tea mornings to help us all start the day properly and also make use of the good weather that could come through.

A postgraduate degree is not just an academic opportunity but also a time to enjoy both studying and working with yourself. Dissertations and PhD’s can be excessively stressful and there’s not much an external party can do. Nevertheless, no matter how much stress just knowing that the university and people are behind you can be that extra kick. A coffee here, a chat there, a free chocolate to perk up a dull day. While many will be working alone its my duty to make sure that postgraduates across campus don’t feel isolated, the campus is ours as well and we should enjoy our time at university as much as possible.

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