Officer Report


Strike Action

A majority of my time has been spent on strike action.  On the one hand, we have been actively supporting the strike action, we believe that they pension scheme should be better for the staff at the university. But I recognised that students have paid fees and cancellation of classes and lack of support for the course was a priority for me also.

Firstly, a student idea passed for us to support the strike action. We met with the student that put the idea through and we organised a marketing plan as well as plan for the sabbatical officer to attend the picket lines and activity support the officers.

On the other half, we have been fighting with to be compensated. We have met with the Vice Chancellor and his team weekly making sure that they student’s voices and frustrations were heard. I have been reporting the V ice Chancellors, feedback weekly to course and on the fresher’s page to ensure that there is constant dialog

Mental Health Awareness

We have created an action plan for the rest of the year due to the feedback from the mental health awareness. We have regular meetings with the director of student life to work hand in hand with the university. We are working with the university to restructure the whole student support centre.

We held our event too officially to the students.  Students, staff and local charities come to speak and share stories about how to overcome, seek help and break the stigma.  We hired a student staff member to help us organise this. 

It was not well attended, but students that come loved it and want us to do more. So we are working on this.

Student Parliament

We have created a solid communication and marketing plan for student parliament, we are now starting to collect feedback from students about what the sabb should focus on next year.

Common Rooms

I have finalised the design plans for the next common room to be refurbished. Now we are looking at the next few common rooms that need to be refurbished. Working with marketing to make sure that all common rooms are SU branded


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