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VP International

We had to say an emotional early farewell to our amazing Vp International Yasmin who has done some incredible work for the International students this academic year.  Click this link below to read more about all the things she has been active in.

We are now two sabbs down, I have had to work on divided up the work of the VP International role equally with the sabbs. I have also had to scale back on project to really focus on producing quality projects. So the sabb team will focus on the strike action, mental health campaign, Rag Footprint and exam campaign on all three campuses.

For any work relating to the VP international, please do speak to me directly.


We know that there will not be any more strike actions happening in the summer term. We as a student Union still stand by the staffs that are fighting for a better pension scheme.

However, in this term we are now focusing on helping the student that were affected the strikes in any way shape of form that we can. We will be promoting the hardship fund for reimbursement. I have personally asked the University for some money to help us top up the SU hardship loans.

I have actioned our VP Education to look make sure all the information and updates about the strike action will be centralised and easy to read and access for students.


I have had the pleasure to mentor the Enactus Essex society for the year. I went down to London to support them at them at their national competition on the 9th and 10th of April.  In which they came top 4 in the country, making Essex National history. We are very proud of the team and we will make sure that they are given the supported to have a even greater year and support student with entrepreneurial spirit.


I have hired and trained a student to look after the sabbatical campaign across all three campuses. After a successful mental health survey, we are now working with university to restructure and improve the services on all three campuses. So student will see some changes this term but major changes next.

We have ambassadors promoting all the services that are on campuses and  off campuses, they will also be promoting ways to look after your everyday wellbeing.

We have planned and confirmed the mental health awareness week.


We really want to change the way decision are made both at the university and SU. We want students to have the power to make real change and be involved from beginning to the end.

This month we have been collecting feedback from over 1000 students to get them to first, get involved and join parliament . Secondly, to choose the SU ‘s priorities for the year. We have been collecting feedback through surveys and in the next two weeks we will be confirming the SU priorities. 


Due to the strikes action, I had have to cancels my working days in Southend and Loughton, for the march. But in the last month I have been to our smaller campuses to support out officers there with their final term projects.

We have confirmed the activities fir exams campaign for these campuses, and in Loughton finally opened the new café for the student ran be the Su.

I we are now looking to create Student parliament on those campuses so that the sabbs are also held to account on those campuses too.

  • Chaired 4th Trustee meeting
  • Education committee
  • Student experience committee
  • Safe guarding committee
  • SU human resources committee
  • University people stats committee
  • University resources committee


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