Officer Report



Over the past month, 4 students emailed me they would like to have Akala come to speak about his new book. I task the student with a challenge to get as many students as possible to sign a type form to show interest and to set up a meeting with their department.

The student in 2 weeks had 150 people sign a form. I spoke to Alaka’s manager and negotiated a deal with them, met with the students and the head of departments to make sure that the structure of the event was what they wanted. I then got the SU’s promise 3 and 4 department to sort out all the logistics and this was done in two days. Over 100 students attend the event and it was truly successful.

This shows the true power of when students, departments and the SU come together.

Irish Vote:

NUS, gave a bursary to all NUS Irish affiliates to go back home to vote. We had a student contact to asking us though we are not in the NUS can our SU support the vote. I worked with our finance team and the SU advice team to make sure that we could support this. We create a Essex Su Bursary for Irish student from Essex to fly and vote, in the Irish vote. It was successful to see so many students go and have their say.

Belgium Trip:

I go the opportunity to work with the University in Belgium on a project that will help us stay united with institutions in Europe no matter the outcome of Brexit. We are working with 7 universities across European and other higher education bodies, to develop a project that will help us stay united and share resources. I got the opportunity to consult.

Mental Health Project:

We had SU wellbeing ambassadors every Tuesday and Thursday in the squares promoting wellbeing and health services. We collected a lot of feedback from students. That we will make sure we act on a lot the next and next academic year.


We have a full two week of awards , I attended 5 awards and hosted the staff awards.

I was on annual leave for two weeks of may, so my report is quite short on this occasion.


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