June Report:

My last report at the Students’ Union Presidents:


Southend Awards:

We had to move our Southend Student and Staff awards this year due to many complications. Therefore we chose host the Southend awards at a later date in June. Our Vp Southend was not able to make due to committees made before the date moved. Therefore I went down to present his wards. We had many students come along and the speeches that student gave about the support the Students Union has given them and how they have managed to really integrate the 4 different departments together.

Big Essex Awards:

I hosted the Students’ Union Excellent in Volunteering award at the Big Essex awards. This award went to a student that has exceeded all expectations of Volunteering and community development awards.



I organised handover lunch with all the new part time officers and outgoing part time officers. Were officers were able to reflect on the things that went well and that what could have been improved, to the new incoming officers. Incoming officers could ask questions and we helped them to prepare for their year.

Sabb Handover:

This year I have to prepare three handovers, for the President, Vp Welfare & Community, Vp International. I wanted to make sure that all the officers have a good quality handover. I created folders for each person and online file for the Sabbs as a whole. I wanted to make sure that the next teams are well equipped for their role. I have spent half a day with each officer to answer any questions and to go through their roles and responsibilities.

Leaving Events:

Vp Southend and East 15 President

I have organised surprised leaving events for both our Vp Southend and East 15 President. This is because students on those campuses wanted to say goodbye to their to officer and show their appreciation.


  • Education committee
  • Resources Committee
  • Student Experience
  • Graduation Committee


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