Officer Report


Sabbatical Visibility and transparency

We made a team agreement to do video Sabbatical report and well as written Officers reports. Video reports will be done termly. Working with VP Services and Communication and Creative Studios team to make sure that the videos are visible online and easily accessible on Facebook and on the REBEL website. 

Sabbatical twitter created. Continuing Sabb Snap Chat and new SU Facebook page created. 


Visited Loughton this month with VP international went to Loughton campus for their open day. We asked Loughton students what they want see next year from us. They asked for more of an SU presence therefore the Sabbaticals will be visiting the Loughton once a month for Sabb Surgery’s and to help out planning fresher’s week. 

Spoke to Loughton students about getting there societies more support and clarity on how the SU can help make there societies more efficient. 

Currently working on way to advertise the Loughton President this summer. 

Graduation Life Lock 

Graduation Life locks were very successful this year. It’s the second year running ‘Life lock’ wall near LTB. 

Discussing possible ways to get more students involved. Possible avenues discussed are; giving out life locks at fresher; partnering up with a lock engraving company so that students can customise their locks online and creating social media campaigns to create awareness a an visibility. 

University Alumni 

Working with University Alumni communications Team to create a project that can bridge the gap between Students and alumni’s. 

Careers Fair

Working with VP Education to make sure that career is more diverse, meeting set-up with Employability and Careers Centre 

Urban Events

Working with VP Services and Communication and venues manager to create more urban nights on campus. I asked members of the ACS, Enactus, Nigerian and BSPS and Creative Corner to send me examples of artist and dj’s they would like to see on campus. Future meetings are in in place with Venues managers to put this into action for next term. 

Black History Month 

Working with the BAME officer to create vibrant Black History month this year. SU and the Universe are collaborating with each other to create a series of successful event for. We have decided to make this month very celebratory and focus on other. Working with VP Southend to make sure that Southend campus is well included in events happening Colchester campus as well as ensuring that events are happening on the Southend campus as well.


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