Welcome week / fresher Fortnight
  • Ensured with all officers were helping out in the squares in welcome week.
  • Did all the welcome talks with the chancellor for first years, and the welcome talks for the government departments, economic department’s and EBS
  • Hosted and spoke at  the Mixers,  for women , BAME, mature and post grads
  • Put on a celebration for PhD students, to celebrate the end of the their thesis
  • Help host the colour dash for Just Play, and managed to secure sponsorship for the event from Top Golf
Black History month
  • Worked with our BAME officer and promise 3 departments to put together and carry an event every single day of for the whole month.  
  • The exec team opened Black history month by dj’ing the squares on open day and with a flash mob.
  • Created a calendar of all the dates for Black history month. Copies were put in every catering venue, common rooms and Worked with the marketing team to put them in every catering venue.
  • Over 10 society were involved in this process, we made sure that all their Black History month events were promoted.
  • Made sure that all COKO events were successful, worked with manager of venues to ensure that artist were booked for the first Coko’s . I worked at the door for every Coko event.
  • I made sure that all senior members of staff were at invited to all the all Black history Month events. Invited Graham University Diversity champion to speak at the Black Lives Matter vigil.
  • Celebrated Black History Month across all three campuses  
  • Ask the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor write quotes stating why black history matters, and made sure this was advertised.
  • Organised Connect Essex, a networking event for Black History Month
BAME Engagement
  • Started a student form inviting BAME students to give feedback about BAME events and project on campus. This feedback had been given to senior members of staff and from the University to make sure that the feedback is actually worked on.
  • Spoken to student in both Loughton and Southend, working on setting up fortnightly forums with BAME students
Urban nights
  • Organised fortnightly meeting with venues managers, to speak organise and plan the evolution of urban nights on campus.
Meetings with senior leadership
  • Regular meeting set up with, the Vice Chancellor and Chief of staff, Pro Vice Chancellors of education and research. Academic registrar and secretary and registrar.
  • Working with Academic registrar to make room booking for larger venues easier for the students to book.
  • Pro Vice Chancellors of education, working on dinner BAME dinners.
  • Working with our Vp international on Inclusivity project, to help eliminate the BREXIT tension in Colchester
Stephen Fen
  • Helping our fellow student; get his vehicle back on for the rest of his year abroad.
  • Pushing marketing on social media to get a law change for Disabled Students and their vehicle when they go to abroad for study.
  • Sent emails to the Vice chancellor
  • Drafting letters to local MP’s to get help with the movement.
  • Planning massive campaign on campus.
Visibility of officer and group manifesto
  • Ensure that summaries of all officer reports are recorded and posted every month
  • Scheduled to visits to all campuses every two weeks
  • Worked with promise three and the marketing team, to promotion for the East 15 President. We are really proud to announce that we have successfully elected an East 15 President. Malia Reeves was won the vote, with a majority of 125 votes out of 188. This is a huge success, as before only 30 students voted before. We are seeing engagement increase.
  • Helped plan and put together first ever fresher’s fair for Loughton
  • Planned black history showcase
  • Meeting set up with the Culture collective society
  • Planned Black history week, for Southend with Vp Southend. Hosted the Black lives matter debate.
  • Set up forums with students to discussing issues that are affect students in Southend
  • Planning global entrepreneurial week in Southend
Rent setting
  • Set up forum of student in Colchester that wants to take this up as a project.
  • Met with the director if campuses services. To set the rent process for next year.
  • Set up a agreement with university to sure that the SU is in the negotiated room with, the university and the building contractors
Global entrepreneurial week
  • Working with VP Southend and international to put on  GEW on both campuses
  • Sent emails to different company’s to get to sponsor the event
  • Had meeting with the enterprise officer at the employability and career centre to collaborate with them
  • Ebs have said they will collaborate with us
  • Sent emails with knowledge gateway to collaborate with them


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